iMessage on PC

The popular instant messaging service iMessage is now available on Windows OS for FREE!

iMessage on PC

iMessage on PC features

iMessage on PC is easy to use

The download and program is very easy to use, you don't need to have any computer skills to use the program.

iMessage for Windows

Our iMessage on PC is available and working on all Windows OS.

iMessage on PC can messages to iPhone

With this iMessage on PC you can easily send message to any iPhone with iMessage enabled.

iMessage on PC is often Updated

Our people are working to fix all bugs and make iMessage on PC look better and work faster.

iMessage for Windows is FREE Forever

This iMessage for Windows is free to use for all people worldwide.

iMessage on PC has unlimited Usage

iMessage on PC is unlimited usage, you can send as much iMessages as you want.

iMessage on PC is secure

iMessage for Windows is secure and noone sees your messages or personal details.

iMessage for pc is extremely fast

iMessage on PC is working as fast as iMessage on newest iPhones.

How to download iMessage on PC?

If you don't know how to download iMessage for windows, watch the video and follow all the steps which are displayed.

iMessage on PC allows you to chat with people who have Apple products.

iMessage for Windows is easy to download, but we made a video to make sure that everyone can download it.

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